Generations Adult Day Services is a private non-profit organization. We are committed to providing a safe, home-like environment to adults 18 and older who are disabled or who suffer from the effects of Alzheimers Disease or a dementia related disorder.

We provide the following:

Hours of Operation: 7:30 am - 5:30 pm Mon-Fri

Sources of Payments include:


  • "Generations came into my life when I was exhausted and felt there was no hope or help for me or my husband. The staff gave Bill encouragement and the support he needed to feel as though he was still able to help others. His quality of life dramatically improved and I was able to care for him longer at home. He enjoyed the staff and the other "best friends" so much that he would beg to go "to work" on the days the center was closed. I saw Bill enjoying his life again and the laughter that the staff brought out in him. Generations not only helped my husband...they saved my life!"

  • -Shelia Jackson
  • "Generations makes my job as a caregiver much easier"

  • -Jack W. Forsyth
  • "Nice workers; JV loves coming here. I'm thankful this place is here."

  • -Mary Lee Clark


Michelle Hawkins, MSW

Founder and President of Board of Directors

Maureen Platt - Russell, M. Ed

Executive Director

Kate Cruise, RN

Program Medical Director

Patty Richardson

Administrative Assistant

Andria Strickland, RN

Program Coordinator Assistant

Susan Capps-Riley, RN

Program Coordinator Assistant

Brenda Gough

Program Assistant

Debbie Newsom, RN

Program Coordinator Assistant

Ila Watkins, RN

Program Coordinator Assistant

Board Members

Sheila Black

Board Member

Melody Burgess

Board Member

Sheila Collins


Joe Evanko

Vice President

Sheila Jackson

Board Member

James Oates

Board Member

Michael Owens

Board Member

Monty Rogers

Board Member

Eric Russell


Contact Us

225 West Water Street

Mayfield, KY 42066

270.247.1311 Phone

270.804.7313 Fax